Consulting Interventions

Specialist focus

We help individuals and organisations embed new competence, make change happen and deliver results. Our interventions are designed to build the bridge between business school programmes, personal coaching and the organisation consulting needed to embed desired change.

The Centre for Consulting & Strategy partners with organisations as the trusted advisor across a broad range of consulting, strategy and management development challenges and imperatives, through interventions such as:

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  2. End-to-End Strategy Read more
  3. Strategy Thinking, Planning and Development Read more
  4. Innovation and Future Positioning Read more
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  6. Strategic Insights Research Read more
  7. Customer Perceptions & Market Research Read more
  8. Change Management Read more
  9. Leadership development Read more
  10. Mentoring, Coaching and Action Learning Read more
  11. Assessments Read more
  12. Organisation Design and Development Read more
  13. Consulting Oversight and Supervision Read more
  14. Management Development Programmes Read more

A potentially vital link between executive development and organisational effectiveness, our consulting development programmes are designed to help with organisational change. We have a wide range of design and delivery experience in consulting development programmes, both for internal consultants in specialist roles (such as HR, IT, Finance and Marketing), and for external consultants, wishing to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities. Our consulting programmes are delivered over a series of short workshops that focus on particular topics of relevance. Assessment is included, in the form of individual workshop assignments, and specific team consulting projects, designed to be of relevance for the organisation. Consider incorporating individual mentoring for participating consultants, as well as a presentation and graduation day where the outcomes of consulting projects are showcased to clients and senior management.

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