Coaching & Mentoring

Realise executive potential

Our coaching interventions are designed to be aligned with learning, development and growth objectives for the individual and the organisation. Face-to-face, or via virtual media, we know how to assess, support and turn challenges into new behaviour and competence. We cultivate learning agility.


  1. Engage with the Centre for Consulting & Strategy to select your personal mentor or executive coach.
  2. Let us customise a personal coaching programme for each executive, with a team of specialist topic coaches – the team approach to individual coaching
  3. We design and deliver a customised mentoring development programme for your organisation, in order to develop mentors, and deliver mentoring to designated mentees in the organisation through mentors, with supervision and assessment for competence.

We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of comprehensive competence-based mentoring development programmes that can be customised for your organisation, with a powerful blend of classroom-based workshops delivered in multiple phases, tutored mentoring sessions with designated mentees, review processes to build a body of work-evidence of individual mentoring competence, and mentee sessions to promote the value of mentoring in the organisation. Certificates of competence can be issued to mentors on successful completion of this applied programme.


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