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Last updated 20 April 2016

Please note that the prime rate was adjusted in late July 2015 and our rates will be adjusted as soon as the banks make their new rates available

Institution Absa
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Standard Bank
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Account Name Money Market account Money Market Account Money Market Investment Account Just Invest Money Market account MarketLink Liquid Debit Card
Age Criteria Over 18 Over 18 Over 18 Over 18 Over 18 Over 18
Minimum opening balance R 25 000.00
R 10,000.00 R 20,000.00 R5,000.00 R5000.00 R200
Debit/Cheque Card issued Not available Visa Electron debit card Visa Cheque card (Classic or Gold) Not available Maestro debit card Visa Electron debit card
Monthly Fee R 0.00 R 37.00 R18.00 (R0.00 if monthly balance more than R20 000) R0.00 R 0.00 R28.00
Monthly Internet Banking Subscription fee not applicable
R 0.00 R 16.00 R16.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
Penalty fees Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interest Rates 5.50% 1.15% to 3.90% 0% to 4.00% 0% to 5.25% 2.53%-2,60% Fluctuates with prime
Rewards Schemes No eBucks Greenbacks linked to Cheque card None Yes No