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Welcome to Bankmonitor, dedicated to new insights and solutions in banking and insurance products and services. 

For banking customers – our product comparison research tables are designed to save you time and money.

Consider our research and consulting services – we lead the way in competitive intelligence research in financial services, with a headstart from our comprehensive bankmonitor database:

+ Value proposition development and analysis

+ Customer perceptions tracking and analysis

+ Intelligence reporting on institutions, products, fees and rates

+ In-depth historical trend analysis 

+ Strategic  insights analysis

+ Monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or ad-hoc reporting options

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Disclaimer and Copyright notice

The bankmonitor pages on this website have been prepared by Infochoice Growth Pty Ltd from information provided by the institutions listed, or obtained from accessible publications, brochures, websites, or from the call centres or branch staff of these institutions, which we believe to be correct at the time of updating.

However, neither the banks, and other financial services providers, nor Infochoice Growth (Pty) Ltd, its directors or employees warrant that the information is correct.

Bankmonitor is an information service only. Users should check with the institutions listed for full product details prior to making any investment or other banking decisions.